Recently I have been added to a list of panelists on the “Who Cares if You Listen” podcast. It is a weekly discussion of composers and different albums by all types of musicians. It is a very diverse group!
You can visit the website at http://whocaresifyoulisten.com/
Reviews include music from the Baroque period to todays modern hip hop.


Hi everyone! Its been a while since I have posted and I will change that. Here are all five movements of “Portrait of a Serial Killer.” It is for piano and string quartet. I wrote this piece about 6 years ago. I have delayed posting because of Finale. This is a fun and eerie piece that is approx. 16 minutes in it’s entirety. Movement 3 has a short piano cadenza and Movements 4 and 5 should be played back to back. E-mail me for parts if your interested. (BTW It also makes a great two piano piece.)

Portrait MVMT I pdf
Portrait MVMT I MP3
Portrait MVMT II PDF
Portrait MVMT II MP3
Portrait of a Serial Killer MVMT III PDF
Portrait of a Serial Killer MVMT III MP3
Portrait of a Serial Killer MVMT IV PDF
Portrait of a Serial Killer MVMT IV MP3
Portrait of a Serial Killer MVMT V PDF
Portrait of a Serial Killer MVMT V MP3


I have written a new piece called “Invincible City” for the Grant Park Choir conducted by Terri Evans. It will be premiered at the beginning of August. It is for SATB with piano accompaniment. You can see their website here for rehearsal info. http://grantparksummersingers.com/ I will post the piece in the next week or so once we get the “kinks” out.


I recently fixed a few notational errors in the g minor sonata. These were just “syntax” and not any pitch changes. As a Db should have been written a c# in a few places. I am going to upload the 3rd mvmt of this piece soon.
I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback. I love to talk to those of you in different countries. It’s amazing how many people the web can reach when you think about it.